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28 strangers by the way, 1 junk boat, 1 island, 2 nights, 3 days, unlimited beers, for sale. I want to be conservative in defining these days - Wet and Wild. If you have not heard of this and planning to go to Hanoi then you better revamp that Itinerary, YES dear skip the temples! At least at one part of your life you go crazy with a group of like-minded people just boozing your day out, sun kissed, salted cheeks, good music, power naps in between, party all night, and wake-up for breakfast buffet then repeat.

First, from Vietnam Backpackers Hostel in Hanoi depart to Ha Long Bay, beer, get on the junk boat, beer, jump off the boat, beer, kayak to a cave, beer, and party at night, beer, on the boat in the middle of Ha Long bay, beer! Then cruise, beer, through to Castaway Island. Go extreme tubing, beer, rock climbing, beer, and relax on the island, beer, watch the sunset in paradise, beer, and then party all night, beer, on your own private beach, beer! And the biggest hit is the midnight swimming (skinny dipping is okay? Okay!) with bioluminescent planktons, beer, under the sky full of stars, beer! Woots!

P.S. YOLO responsibly and always remember never go full retard! Enjoy!

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Not to everybody’s knowing, Cebu can be an adrenaline junkys’ avenue without spending too much! This is actually the cheapest thrill we had by far! Should only cost us P100 each if we did not buy a happy meal from Ronald M. which we never got the chance to eat anyway.

After our futile attempt a month ago, we finally found THE Binuthan Cave! And even went down further to entering Satuhan Cave interconnecting the Pangasag Cave! The caves are located in Barangay Bonbon in Busay and just approximately thirty minutes by motor vehicle from Lahug Cebu City. The ideal drop off or starting point is in Sitio Morga which is a little further from the barangay gym going up to the mountains but the road is paved so your sports car will still pretty do! Although you may also start the trek through Bonbon River which we did last time and got lost for the whole day. Check out The How to Get Lost video in my archive titled River x Waterfalls Trekking.

Our original plan was to explore Bonbon Cave only but after going through and out of it in just approximately forty-five minutes we felt short from the stroll so with the genius recommendation of our guide manong Pelipe (I think it’s spelled Felipe on his birth certificate), we went on a detour and pushed through to entering Satuhan Cave which by the way has a panoramic facade built with a Shrine by the local folks men. According to manong Felipe err Pelipe, most people would only go caving to Binuthan and will not bother continuing with the other two caves. That being said, I felt more excited thinking the following are more challenging. Alas! our decision did not disappoint! The two interconnecting caves are homeland to numerous bats, centuries old stalactites and stalagmites, knee-deep muddy terrain, treacherous tunnels and potholes. Good bye Oakley! We emerged from the cave like Batman. no i kid! We were wet, muddy, got a little scratches for souvenir, and filled with memories and every little fantasy. The world inside was beautiful! More often than not we are afraid of the dark but in it we see the beauty of light!

This caving expedition is ideal for two to five persons only who are physically fit. We don’t want to be too crowded and noisy inside the cave do we? Also not advisable for the taking to those who are of course claustrophobic, don’t know how to swim, and (this might sound rude but) fat people. And please no littering and don’t make the walls your canvass for telling the world you were there. Tips on what to bring will be light snacks and water of course, hand gloves, dry bag for your kikay stuff including flashlight/headlight, head band or cap, compression wear or rash guards, and rubber or trekking shoes. Please don’t wear slippers because you are not going for a walk in a park. The climb will take about forty-five minutes to the mouth of Binuthan Cave and another thirty minutes to Satuhan Cave then finally about twenty minutes of sloppy terrain towards the barangay road back to the drop off area. There are actually no accredited tour guides for now, but our guide with his assistant are really good and safety first oriented. If you plan to give it a try just contact manong Pelipe through his cellphone number +639219981937 and you can start from there. He won’t tell how much but be generous by tipping at least P100 per head. Have fun!

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Officially known as Apo Island to the locals. Got its nick from the presence of around four species of salt water turtles swimming and feeding so close to its beaches. These creatures are so carefree with people around them that you can really hug them if you actually wanted to. But of course we don’t want to scare them away and find another sanctuary. The privilege to swim and play with them in the water is more than we deserve already and that we cannot not afford to lose. We should always remember that we live to co-exist and not to dominate.

Apo Island at the southern tip of Negros Island is a 72-hectare volcanic islet about 5 kilometres off its mother Town of Dauin. Known for its white pebble beaches and marine sanctuaries all around the islet, dubbed as one of the ten best dive sites in the world. Life style in Apo is very simple and the locals are very friendly. Affordable lodges are also available to chose from or you may opt for a tent on the beach. As per food you can ask the town’s housewives to cook set meals for you or bring your own ingredients and have it cooked, either way for a very reasonable price!

This trip is ideal for at least an overnight or two. 

All video clips are taken using Go Pro Hero3 Black and Hero3+ Silver. No substance abuse during the making of this awesome memory. YOLO responsibly!

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When I go for a holiday, I always go for experience more than the expected pleasures. And coming across TAO Philippines’ unique definition of it, I made known my interest to join without second thoughts. The catch is they offer you to explore the hundreds of remote islands between El Nido and Coron with no set itinerary and away from the beaten tourist paths, come what may if I’m to say and I already loved it! The price to pay is quite steep, but it doesn’t really matter because your money don’t get to decide your seat in the boat. Yes this is not for everybody. Before you can actually register, you will be asked several questions first and if the other end (TAO) thinks you are not the one who can go with the flow and appreciate the rewards of a journey, then you’re not getting in even if you pay double. I really like the screening attitude specially when Jack, one of the founders, told us about it. Wew good thing I answered all the questions seriously!

We spend our nights to rest and sleep in a different island everyday. They call it base camps and each are unique from each other, some are even so secluded that you feel like you’re in some Survivor Whatever production set!lol We also get to visit TAO’s self supporting farm that generates local livelihood for the folks and education for the kids. It was a warm welcome and they served us among others a whole roasted pig (lechon). My favourite right in front of me!!! Glorious!!! The dinner easily turned out a feast with the whole community and rest of that night was history.

I’ve never seen so many kinds of fish swimming in shallow waters in my entire life and the corals reefs are overly decorated! Im not sure if I do justice describing everything below sea level. It’s too beautiful I’m out of words! The islands are gated with white sand beaches specially in the Linapacan group of islands and you can hardly see a footprint ahead of you! Upon reaching our final destination, Coron, we passed by a couple of Japanese shipwrecks from WWII which is definitely one of the highlights of my trip! The bigger warships were drowned in much deeper areas which is impossible for my free diving skills to reach so I settled on what I can. YOLO responsibly! I am also very thankful that our ship captain, Kuya Lito is a diver himself, we immediately became dive buddies and hence my handsfree outtakes. I have to say the filipino crew headed by Captain Lito and Oli were amazing. They are all very attentive and easy to hang with plus they serve the best meals every time! The chef can make a banana taste like McDonald’s french fries!!! How awesome can that be!? 

Conversation is as much as abundant as the beer during the journey. The signal is very intermittent so communication devices are pretty much dead. The time walked us slowly in paradise, exchanging conversations with foreigners and listening to their insights easily became the leisure I can’t afford anywhere else.

This is definitely the longest time I have spent in the sea and wilderness with complete strangers! Plus being the only Filipino with mostly Europeans in a group of twenty-five, the five-days four-nights islands expedition in the Philippines’ last frontier is an experience I will never forget!!!

For more details about the journey just visit taophilippines.com. You can start from there.

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The original plan was to go river trekking and caving but the latter never happened since we got lost twice with dead-ends!

Probably the most affordable, closest, and most natural-thrilling-adventure in Cebu City. The jumpstart of the river trek is at Brgy. Bon-Bon in Busay. It is just right after Tops down the slope way before Ayala Heights. Accessible by a private vehicle or through a habal-habal ride (hybrid motorcycle). The trek is very treacherous with boulders, swamps, three waterfalls, and forks that will definitely lead you somewhere else. There is also no network signal all the way so forget about real-time Foursquare checking-in or Instagram-ing for that matter! Therefore it is best to have a local guide which is available upon query at the jumpstart area. Our fate was deemed to get lost and never find the most wanted cave for whatever reason the unnatural has that’s why we forgot to get a guide. Nah actually we just thought we were too awesome for a guide, obviously we got lost twice! I wanna make it sound more scary and narrate everything that happened but I’d like to leave that to be discovered personally by anyone who will venture. Nonetheless, this is definitely not for the unfits and weak. Yes those kinds.

It is always important to be safe and ready. Tips on what to bring will be food and water of course, hand gloves, dry bag for your kikay stuff including flashlight, head band or cap, compression wear, and rubber or trekking shoes. Please don’t wear slippers because you are not going for a walk in a park. The trek will take about 6 hours at least going forth and back inclusive of getting lost. If you find the cave, top up an additional 2-3 hours on your schedule. This is probably the cheapest outdoor activity I had at approximately P400 off my wallet which is totally not worth the amazing experience we had!

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First things first, the two hippies I’m with are not named Aurora and Baler!

So we got two days spare done the music festival and hopped on a bus to the town of Baler in Aurora Province. Along the way I got con by an old woman, may she become a snail on her next life!

To cut this short which can pretty much also define our stay, Baler is beautiful. An outskirt (well you have to travel at least 6 hours to get there) with so much to offer! Accommodation, food, and people are very affordable. Coming from the big banana Manila, you can easily take the very comfortable Joy Bus for only Php700 per way. I have to say very honest too, as they returned my leftover phone and send it all the way to Cebu. Big thanks really! I can’t imagine how many text mates i’d lost! LOL Seriously THANK YOU!

All video clips are taken using GoPro Hero 3 Black.

YOLO responsibly!

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Up to date the biggest music festival in the Philippines just happened. We pretty much enjoyed ourselves! #truestory

Just a brief about the event; the VIP passes are not worth it. Kudos to those who bought the GenAd - you made the right choice! The DJ’s Kaskade, Alvaro, Reid Stefan, and Riddler did a great job beating us all night! Ronnie’s, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ lead vocals, girlfriend is a filipina and they murdered Guardian Angel, death by a duet. I don’t get it Kendrick Lamar. Empire of the Sun - awesome of course! But Red Hot Chili Peppers nailed the whole festival!!! 

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YOLO responsibly!

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Some of the other things you can do in Cebu aside from malling. 

From Queen City take a bus to the town of Badian, then contact any of the guides for the canyoneering available on stand-by at the parish church ground. Our guide was Albert (09359254769) at P500/head. Canyoneering is best experienced after  the rain when water is more intense thus the added badass feature. The river trek is really clean and almost no sign of human behavior, so don’t mess up the balance and keep your trash. Canyoneering will run from about 2-3 hours depending on how much photos you take every moment but totally legit because the view down there is just amazing. Total cost including transept is around P700 and the adrenaline rush is priceless.

After, you may chose to go straight hiking, which is a lot more awesome if you do, to Osmena Peak from the end of the river trek and spend overnight camping or (the lesser awesome) take a transport vehicle to Osmena Peak drop-off point at Brgy. Mantalungon via the trans-central barangay road. Then walk your way all the way up for less than an hour to Cebu’s highest point. This is just a little above your walk in the park with too much reward at the end, say the Tanon Straight, the magnificent Mt. Kanlaon of Negros, and the scenic Badian Island with its white sand beaches. I say even the unfits can go up with a kit-kat! Getting lost!? Is not really an option. There are kids everywhere, I’d like to mention Lord and Sin (Sean) whatever, who are more than willing to guide you with a bargain. These kids pretty much ask everything you have that interests them which is pretty annoying but still adorable. My friend succumb and gave out his tent whole heartily. Total monetary cost is less than P500, the view up there is priceless. 

YOLO responsibly!

10 Sinulog Street Party Photos you must have.

We all know how crazy FUN, wet FUN, and dirty FUN a Sinulog Street Party can be! And if you haven’t tried it, you must know you are missing something here! This is a once, read it again, ONCE - Yes! once-a-year street party in Cebu where you are allowed to make the unusual fun and literally friends with just anyone! Forget about the formality of exchanging names, because the only things you will be exchanging here are beers (or anything that contains 6% alcohol or more) and hugs! Lots of them!!!

And if you are what I I’d like to believe you are - then you should find, if not all, any of these 10 Sinulog Street Party Photos I have round up in your phone. That will pretty much give you a picture of what you pretty much can’t remember anymore 24 hrs. earlier.


NO.1 THE GROUP SHOT - Every 20 minutes or less. Will tell you how many of your friends are missing in action as time passes by. And if you’re lucky, you won’t go home alone!


NO.2  The Group Hug - Every 10 minutes or less. On this part of the day the alcohol drink is kicking-in and proportionally, level of confidence is increasing. At the earlier stage you will be doing it with your circle friends then eventually a lot more with strangers. 


NO.3 THE PHOTO WITH THE PUBLIC NOTICE - You get hyped-up and the least you can do is take a souvenir!? Your guts could have brought you further if you engaged. Seriously.


NO.4 THE GIRL ON TOP OF THE WORLD - You have this picture because you like it, and secretly, you wish it could have been you. It is not important if you are a she or a he. As long as someone can keep you up with that ambition!


NO.5 THE SELFIE WITH YOUR BFF - Again, it is not important if you are a she or a he. Both of you are just excited and giddy with the overflowing awesome sauce around you!


NO.6 THE SELFIE WITH THE PARTYHOLICS - Eventually you’ll find yourself, made-lost by alcohol, with the YOLO people. And it’s just right for a photo-op for your future reference for cool party poses. Just right.


NO.7 THE GROUP SELFIE - All of you will try to fit in that square and neither of you will mind if it’s just the eye or a strand of hair that successfully made into it.


NO.8 THE SELFIE WITH THE ARMPIT MAN OR THE HUKAS BOY - These people are like the unofficial Sinulog give-aways.


NO.9 THE SELFIE WITH THE DRUNK FRIEND - You just have to for future blackmail proof-of-friendship reference in case needed.


NO.10 THE SELFIE WITH THE CRUSH - If not now then never!

So if you have at least 5 of these or more, then I’m sure you are what I’d like to believe you are. Your Sinulog Street Party experience was awesome! You will have a hang-over, find yourself scanning photos over and over again, you will miss it for days or even weeks. And you will develop that feeling of excitement for Sinulog every year. The same feeling you had on your childhood with Christmas. Yes that kind of feeling. And it’s good. Really good!